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  1. In the video of Dordrecht, we know Johan van Oldenbarnevelt was executed.
  2. On May 13, 1619, the 72 year old Johan van Oldenbarnevelt stands on the scaffold.
  3. In 1547, Oldenbarnevelt is born in the city of Amersfoort.
  4. He's unpopular. Within two years, Van Oldenbarnevelt has forced him out.
  5. and Oldenbarnevelt becomes the pensionary of this region.
  6. Oldenbarnevelt begins his long period in the center of power
  7. and later of Gelderland, Utrecht and Overijssel -- with the help of Oldenbarnevelt.
  8. But through the cooperation of Maurits and Oldenbarnevelt,
  9. Oldenbarnevelt manages the state affairs and finance, Maurits the military side of the uprising.
  10. In addition, Oldenbarnevelt manages to form a threefold covenant with England and France.
  11. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, Oldenbarnevelt makes a masterly move.
  12. Oldenbarnevelt realizes that a monopoly by one state-owned company can generate huge profit for the Republic.
  13. A first clash occurs when Oldenbarnevelt decides on a risky mission to take a Spanish den of buccaneers.
  14. Maurits is opposed, but Oldenbarnevelt gets his way, as always.
  15. The tension between the two leaders of the Republic increases as Oldenbarnevelt strikes a truce with Spain.
  16. But the almighty Oldenbarnevelt gets his way, again!
  17. Oldenbarnevelt is now at the peak of his power.
  18. Oldenbarnevelt seems to be invulnerable
  19. Oldenbarnevelt tries to solve the conflict by paradoxically enforcing tolerance.
  20. He shows up at at church of the Gomarists, while Oldenbarnevelt had chosen for the Arminians.