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  1. Olderchat is an infamous and notorious cyber-crime deep-web group.
  2. As you mightve guessed it was set up by Olderchat to bait newcomers.
  3. A couple of days after his first movie being published it's been revealed that he's been a somewhat frequent member in the Olderchat discord servers.
  4. and from this point, he seemed to have some sort of problem with both Extile and Olderchat.
  5. When his first plan didnt work out he moved on to Olderchat.
  6. Compared to Extile olderchat had lots of content against discords Terms of Service which would make reporting it a really easy objective.
  7. Unfortunately, angryone not being the sharpest tool in the shed decided to tell Michelle, an olderchat owner about his plans.
  8. The ancient machine or The Ancient Machine of Drinze was a discord bot created by a former member of olderchat,
  9. Patryk Kowalik is the name of a retired olderchat hacker,
  10. Kelzad got Luca to dox somebody for him around this time, its theorized it could be someone from Olderchat or MadCzech
  11. The Mike project is a theoretical leader of the Olderchat.
  12. is that no one has confirmed whether it's a singular person, or if it's an account shared between Olderchat members.
  13. Earlier in the video you mightve heard that CRM was deleted by olderchat with the use of bot-reports,
  14. Due to the very sudden nature of the deletion, the moderators and admins of CRM blamed olderchat for the deletion of the server
  15. The testimony of Michelle, the current owner of Olderchat denied any such claims, but since they knew how gullible CRM moderators were,
  16. It was assumed that Olderchat reported Kobler, at the time main admin of the server,
  17. Thats where the name Olderchat would later come from.
  18. The name would slowly transition to Olderchat, and Dast would bring in more of his friends into the group,