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  1. So the `onCreate method is the first method that gets hold The `onCreate method must perform
  2. We have the onCreate function, and that will be called whenever--
  3. So here we have onCreate method that would
  4. fine OK so if you want to have a Default Activity just copy this and pass it to the onCreate
  5. want to have a Default Activity just copy this and pass it to the onCreate here, down
  6. Now, inside onCreate method, we'll set value for the variable. It means we will access RecyclerView from the layout file.
  7. Now there's an onCreate here that does--
  8. the activity is created, you'll get a callback into your applications onCreate. This is kind
  9. just sitting in the wings waiting. So, when they go through the onCreate again and onResume,
  10. version? So all that happens with OnCreate is we're checking to see whether or not APIs
  11. your oncreate. And that's going to assure that every time you hit the video controls
  12. So oncreate loader. Now, the cursor loader, which we're call there the constructor with
  13. has one thing you'll need to do call SessionToken in onCreate
  14. is why we call-- if RecyclerView calls onCreate, that means
  15. We need to be careful about the onCreate method being called
  16. I start this thread on onCreate and-- whoops,
  17. and inside this onCreate we call our ChipBottomNavigationBar
  18. one method which is PublicView onCreate view layout inflator inflator view group container
  19. So, in onCreate, we're going to to find the ROS TextView
  20. using calling from onCreate.