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  1. And you went to the Onderweegs.
  2. >> Bill Benson: In early January 1944, that's when you moved to the home of the Onderweegs
  3. Tell us about your time with the Onderweegs.
  4. Mrs. Onderweegs looked upon us as if she had the task to replace the mother until the war
  5. >> Bill Benson: The Onderweegs had to go into hiding?
  6. >> Louis de Groot: They -- Mr. Onderweegs had come to meet my parents for two reasons.
  7. And your point that Mrs. Onderweegs took the responsibility of being a substitute for your
  8. And when I was there, I came in order to go -- for Mr. Onderweegs to find me a place at
  9. But I was so undernourished and Mrs. Onderweegs thought that the farmer would send me back
  10. and that Mr. Onderweegs would lose his reputation by sending him an undernourished kid who couldn't
  11. >> Louis de Groot: Mr. Onderweegs was the town clerk.
  12. Mr. Onderweegs would revive them so he could make an I.D. card out of it.
  13. Onderweegs, your parents and your sister were arrested.
  14. But Mr. Onderweegs went to see my parents.
  15. So when he came back home, Mrs. Onderweegs saw him coming without my sister.
  16. >> Bill Benson: You continued of course staying with the Onderweegs.
  17. to live with the Onderweegs knowing that your parents and sister were gone, although as
  18. >> Louis de Groot: Well, we were -- the family Onderweegs and I, we were hiding.
  19. And Mr. and Mrs. Onderweegs, either one of them came every day to check on me.
  20. So one evening -- or one night about 1:00, Mrs. Onderweegs came and she said, get up,