How do you pronounce oorvi in English (1 out of 19).

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  1. fine?
  2. Oorvi...seems like she is not there
  3. oh God Oorvi!what happened to you? are you okey?
  4. Oorvi , do you have any address of your thief friend, Binita?
  5. oh sorry Oorvi. it's my fault. i thought it's Binita o i let her in
  6. look Oorvi. i could read that guy's mind those last moment before they leave
  7. ok Oorvi, based on what i read on his mind, our stolen stuffs are somewhere around here
  8. ok Oorvi we are done here
  9. oh calm down Oorvi. what's the rush?
  10. should i tell Oorvi what that guy was thinking?
  11. - hi Oorvi! so you got free finally -hey Ishana, oh you don't believe what just happened
  12. Oorvi but i read his mind, don't feel offended, but he is in love with me, not you
  13. you are so bad Oorvi
  14. Oorvi did not come to college during this time
  15. maybe i also had some feelings for him and Oorvi was right
  16. hello Oorvi , how are you?
  17. hello Oorvi . why didn't you come for test
  18. oorvi go open the door
  19. oh and i'm Ishana.Oorvi's best friend