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  1. A visit to Oostwold Airport, where you can visit the Heritage Museum
  2. and Oostwold Airport, in the north of The Netherlands, is the one which is missing
  3. one of the, 5 to go and then I've got all airports, so today: Oostwold on the program
  4. Sergi: Good day Sir, a PA28, VFR, Lelystad to Oostwold, 2 pob, request the flight info
  5. So, during this flight to the North East I'm dealing with Lelystad Airport, Dutch Mil Info, Eelde Tower and the controller of our destination airfield: Oostwold Airport
  6. And then actually right after exiting the CTR there is Oostwold Airport so I have to prepare for landing already
  7. Sergi: Hi there, good day, PA28, VFR, Lelystad to Oostwold, 2 pob, just entering your area and I would like to also ask you if I can cross your CTR
  8. but nevermind it was ok and it was the fastest route to get to Oostwold at that point so, never mind
  9. And finally after 50 minutes in total we arrived at Oostwold airport, our destination for today
  10. And here we are at Oostwold Airport, so we're gonna have coffea, short break
  11. I'm here at the moment at the Hangar 28 at Oostwold, looking around for a moment to check their building
  12. They had the Oostwold Airshow and that was the last time that I've been here.
  13. So I'll just give you their website: and you can check it out yourself
  14. So it's an 800 meter grass runway at Oostwold Airport, they still had runway 06 in use
  15. Sergi: Hello Sir, PA28, VFR, Oostwold to Teuge, 2 POB, current overhead, just north of Emmen at 1400 feet, request flight info
  16. Sergi: Hello Sir, good day, PA28, VFR, Oostwold to Teuge