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  1. To be able to use Live Navigation you'll need to have the service activated in the OpelConnect Store.
  2. If you have activated the Road Safety Alerts service in the OpelConnect Store
  3. In the OpelConnect Store,
  4. and how to set up your profile to get the most out of OpelConnect.
  5. To access the OpelConnect Store click on sign-in
  6. To activate services return to the homepage by clicking on START or on OpelConnect.
  7. The OpelConnect Store also offers pay services.
  8. OpelConnect enhances your driving experience, making it safer and more connected.
  9. You can experience OpelConnect services from anywhere
  10. OpelConnect Store and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  11. app activate the service Vehicle Status & information in the OpelConnect Store.
  12. For more details please watch How to use the OpelConnect Store.