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  1. and also do the opencore install the opencore install that Martin Lo came
  2. that's OpenCORE. RTSP, also OpenCORE.
  3. OpenCore Computer launched a commercial Hackintosh.
  4. Anyway, back to OpenCore Computer,
  5. you can go to their website,,
  6. from the OpenCore bootloader developers?
  7. using the OpenCore bootloader.
  8. And it seems like OpenCore Computer
  9. SSD and lo and behold it worked and then I installed the opencore package which
  10. I erased opencore that's one way you can kind of get rid of open core and go
  11. back to your original Mac EFI I reinstalled opencore and then booted up
  12. you know you can have a thread Ripper PC with opencore and you're gonna crush
  13. Groups that you will be bringing in Stagefright and replacing that with packet radio OpenCORE.
  14. >>David Sparks: The question is Stagefright versus OpenCORE, probably versus G streamer
  15. from OpenCORE. We hope to do that in the next release.
  16. and for HTTP progressive. OpenCORE is still providing the authoring
  17. That said, if somebody decided they wanted to go with OpenCORE or they want to go with
  18. >>> So could you say the difference again between the use cases when OpenCORE is going
  19. >>David Sparks: So OpenCORE will be used for RTSP and authoring.
  20. will have to have a version integrated with OpenCORE as well as Stagefright?