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  1. >> Coming up. We go to Microsoft OpenHack.
  2. after the OpenHack program for Microsoft.
  3. >> Microsoft OpenHack is a hands-on, challenge-based,
  4. When teams join an OpenHack,
  5. they are formed at the very beginning of each OpenHack.
  6. to access the OpenHack classroom where gated challenges
  7. Teams who successfully complete in OpenHack
  8. really consider participating in an OpenHack given it
  9. >> To get started with an OpenHack,
  10. or contact your Microsoft account rep.
  11. participating in an OpenHack is by making it a team experience.
  12. the OpenHack as a team and then
  13. >> When participating in OpenHack,
  14. accelerate through the OpenHack experience compared
  15. OpenHack is that it is a feedback-driven experience.
  16. and resources used during an OpenHack,
  17. to provide actionable feedback through the OpenHack environment.