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  1. introduce an OpenSL ES API. It's -- OpenSL ES is a huge surface.
  2. chances are you may be using something called OpenSL ES.
  3. version, okay. This version opensl. This is also vulnerable Right? And, and there is no
  4. Um, we introduced OpenSL,
  5. That is not yet supported in native OpenSL.
  6. And finally, we have OpenSL, yes,
  7. From NDK 21, OpenSL ES is deprecated.
  8. If you're using OpenSL ES, you should migrate your code
  9. that support it, falling back to OpenSL ES on older devices.
  10. But the intention is to expose a native audio API and OpenSL ES will be the abstraction
  11. We're going to add OpenAL support, OpenAL as a shim over the OpenSL ES.
  12. matter. We're adding -- as part of the OpenSL ES,
  13. yet. I think we get that through the OpenSL ES
  14. like that. >>David Sparks: So open OpenSL ES has a lot
  15. really simple by comparison to using OpenSL.
  16. OpenSL, turns and uses one API.