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  1. with Honeycomb and Open Census and OpenTelemetry. What's OpenTelemetry? OpenTelemetry is an
  2. YURI GRINSHTEYN: We've seen how to use OpenTelemetry
  3. into a single view, using OpenTelemetry
  4. Using OpenTelemetry, we can create
  5. tracing works in OpenTelemetry.
  6. Using OpenTelemetry to connect traces with logs
  7. with the OpenTelemetry Project.
  8. The AWS distro for OpenTelemetry consists of collectors
  9. The distro for OpenTelemetry
  10. We are excited about the OpenTelemetry Project
  11. GARTH KIDD: Good day, everybody. I'm here to talk about observability with OpenTelemetry and Python.
  12. OpenTelemetry is software to help you understand your software's performance and behavior.
  13. Logs, metrics and traces. Before I tell you how to do OpenTelemetry tracing in Python and how
  14. requests scoped events he talked about and that is what you get from OpenTelemetry tracing.
  15. Excuse me. So, now we know what we're talking about. OpenTelemetry
  16. take a dependency and start calling it from your package so it's pre integrated with OpenTelemetry
  17. The OpenTelemetry handling of exceptions is automatic.
  18. OpenTelemetry teams are very careful to ever avoid crashing. So, you might feel like you need to
  19. All right. So that's how we do OpenTelemetry and tracing. But I should give you some
  20. different places. The OpenTelemetry API rather, the SDK, has this interior processing pipeline,