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  1. go install OpenXR now--it was OpenVR, that's the old version and then OpenXR is the new one.
  2. there is an OpenXR and a features option as well. So we can now select OpenXR (Preview)
  3. OpenXR require you to pick which runtime you want OpenXR to use.
  4. OpenXR, UE4 OpenXR only?
  5. don't have yet. We're going to scroll down until we find the OpenXR Plugin. Install that and one
  6. I've noticed for Oculus as of right now. I mean it's still--OpenXR is still in preview so there's
  7. the OpenXR features from Blender to inspect a scene in VR for a VR app for our clients.
  8. API, WebXR work with OpenXR deck, back end and hybrid GPU
  9. Since we have made OpenXR production ready,
  10. OpenXR is now production ready.
  11. What is OpenXR and why does it matter?
  12. there is an open standard known as OpenXR
  13. And to combat that, OpenXR is an open standard API that--
  14. we are going to be supporting OpenXR.
  15. to go into too much details of what goes behind an OpenXR,
  16. it's a little bit easier to work with OpenXR than it was
  17. and devices, hence the OpenXR.
  18. And we're going to be talking a little bit more about OpenXR.
  19. the entire specification for the 1.0 release of OpenXR,
  20. It's the OpenXR plugin.