How do you pronounce orbisculate in English (1 out of 16).

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  1. Orbisculate.
  2. Orbisculate, which he made up.
  3. And he came up with this word, orbisculate,
  4. And to my great shock, there was no orbisculate
  5. orbisculate is this great new word that I just
  6. to get it into the dictionary, orbisculate, I'll
  7. say it myself, orbisculate--
  8. So any time that we sell that orbisculate t-shirt or anything
  9. is to see orbisculate used on a window banner or a lawn sign.
  10. is having a grapefruit orbisculate in your eye.
  11. who are trying to get the word orbisculate
  12. Anyway, everyone has to start saying a orbisculate.
  13. did orbisculate grapefruit into someone's eye.
  14. The risk is that the lemon could orbisculate into your eye.
  15. Orbisculate, It makes sense.
  16. Go to our website to find out more about Project Orbisculate,