How do you pronounce owall in English (1 out of 13).

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  1. I'm owall with warm colors.
  2. Owall is a cat only three months old.
  3. Owall is called Munchkin Kilt.
  4. Owall is a baby, so she usually eats only feed.
  5. The butler must be fishing in Owall.
  6. For Owall, hands are the best.
  7. Owall answers when called.
  8. Owall is the butler who wanted to raise Pold.
  9. When I saw Owall with beautiful eyes,
  10. I became a fan of Owall, too.
  11. I hope Owall will grow up well in the future.
  12. Owall succeeded in climbing up!
  13. This has been Owall. Did you enjoy it?