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  1. >> PAPAKIPOS: Hi. So, my name is Matt Papakipos. I run the Chrome OS engineering team. So I'm
  2. In fact, I'd like to invite up Matt Papakipos
  3. Papakipos: I got to go, right? Gundrota: We've lost Matt.
  4. Papakipos: Thank you, Vic.
  5. So I'm Matt--Matt Papakipos.
  6. Papakipos: So you've probably seen
  7. the reboot. Matt Papakipos our engineering director on Chrome OS we will actually talk
  8. take a step back from the demo. I'm going to turn it over to Matt Papakipos who is the
  9. are working very closely with partners. >> PAPAKIPOS: Sure. To answer the standards
  10. >> PAPAKIPOS: I can take that. So, on testing of drivers and selection of hardware components,
  11. Open Source point of view... >> PAPAKIPOS: Sure.
  12. in--from OS. >> PAPAKIPOS: Yes. So, I'll take the second
  13. >> PAPAKIPOS: Yes. So, all the stuff that's available in Chrome will come in Chrome OS
  14. >> PAPAKIPOS: Sure. >> PICHAI: So, we are working on that. And
  15. >> PAPAKIPOS: Can I take that? So, we're focused on--we're focused on 80211N which is the next
  16. people try it out today? >> PAPAKIPOS: Today, you can build the source
  17. have any thoughts on...? >> PAPAKIPOS: I can take that. I mean, we'll
  18. >> PAPAKIPOS: And there's a lot of work going on in that today. You'll see more about it
  19. PAPAKIPOS: And I can give a couple of examples there. So things that we can't do in a conventional
  20. And will there be a charge for that? >> PAPAKIPOS: Yes. I can talk about the signature