How do you pronounce parallelizing in English (1 out of 14).

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Translation of parallelizing

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of parallelizing

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of parallelizing:

Derived Form of parallelizing

root word: parallelize
third person: parallelizes
past: parallelized
past participle: parallelized
present participle: parallelizing
Verb: parallelize
place parallel to one another
Type oflaying, placing, posing, positioning, putting, setting,

parallelizing on Youtube

  1. Parallel algorithm development and efficient parallelizing are the subject of many such
  2. by parallelizing multiple tasks.
  3. parallelizing STL algorithms. I'm drawing blank on an example but there's many out there,
  4. parallelizing your tests.
  5. parallelizing a single non-numerical application, I think if we look at the status quo at least,
  6. we're already sort of used to parallelizing things, breaking things and running multiple
  7. by using the GPGPU for parallelizing that
  8. that you are parallelizing.
  9. parallelizing compiler in there.
  10. parallelizing compilers.
  11. parallelizing.
  12. It's extremely parallelizing.
  13. We've been optimizing and parallelizing
  14. So then parallelizing this was quite interesting. So in the -- in the device cloud, like, remote