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United States physicist (born in Austria) who proposed the exclusion principle (thus providing a theoretical basis for the periodic table) (1900-1958)
SynonymsPauli, Wolfgang Pauli,

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  1. Paulis exclusion principle meaning they are exempt from the Pauling Paulis exclusion
  2. On todays flight we have Ilse Paulis and Marieke Keijser the rowing queens of the Netherlands
  3. Paulis self made boilies
  4. corresponds to one level. Now this actually is against Paulis exclusion
  5. principle. What does Paulis Exclusion Principle say? No two electrons can occupy same level
  6. a set of particles which are not subject to the Paulis exclusion principle. So, the
  7. particles are not subject. So, these particles that are not subject to the Paulis exclusion
  8. are not subjected to the Paulis exclusion principle. This is very important because
  9. We had the Paulis exclusion principle there. So, it is in this fundamental sense that this
  10. So, it exempts the particles from the Paulis exclusion principle and when we say it exempts,
  11. by the Paulis exclusion principle. So, that is why this statistics which is based
  12. principle. The direct result of this is that see when we say Paulis exclusion principle
  13. the definition of I mean that is what it reduces to when you say Paulis exclusion principle
  14. to Paulis exclusion principle, it means immediately this restriction is no longer
  15. to the Paulis exclusion principle. So, this is the general idea. On this basis we
  16. dealt with before and that is simply that since Paulis exclusion principle does not
  18. we have incorporated Paulis exclusion principle and to the picture, and so we say that first
  19. of all at any given energy level, there are a finite number of states, and since Paulis
  20. Ilse Paulis and Marieke Keijser the rowing queens of the Netherlands.