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  1. then there's PCAP. And PCAP's great
  2. I don't see organizations fully replacing PCAP. What I do see them doing is reducing the volume of PCAP they store right?
  3. If the scan is saved to a PCAP file...
  4. Acrylic allows to analyze previous captures opening PCAP files
  5. The mantra for this class is PCAP--
  6. So that's PCAP at the most primitive level.
  7. PCAP at higher levels.
  8. We're still going to want to do PCAP.
  9. But we're going to want to do PCAP at a much higher level.
  10. PCAP--
  11. first part, where we introduced our mantra, PCAP --
  12. That allows us to go back to PCAP.
  13. that we'll call PCAP.
  14. So the bigger point is this idea of PCAP, which we will
  15. that can covert the PCAP file to HAR,
  16. which PCAP is TCPdump-- capture of the packets.
  17. to a PCAP file and then you upload
  18. your PCAP file to
  19. So in Chrome-- So that PCAP file, actually,
  20. there's a bunch of problems with PCAP, right?Just storing it