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  1. When this was done, the ritual called Peijaiset was born.
  2. The word Peijaiset is an old Finnish word and it means the celebration or funeral.
  3. Peijaiset the celebration
  4. The fallen bear accompanied by songs was brought to the clean cottage so the Peijaiset could
  5. It was normal during Peijaiset to act different kinds of plays, sing, eat and drink.
  6. Peijaiset were wedding-kind of parties, but in the old Finnish language the word meant
  7. When the Peijaiset were in the final stages, the bears soul needed to be returned back
  8. and Peijaiset were a way to appease the prey so it would want to return back to the forest.
  9. During Peijaiset the women had to avoid the dead bear, -
  10. Sometimes during Peijaiset a woman was married to a bear -
  11. During the orthodoxy the priests preached against the Peijaiset, -