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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of phyla

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of phyla:

Derived Form of phyla

root word: phylum
plural: phyla
Noun: phylum
(linguistics) a large group of languages that are historically related
Type ofsocial group*,
(biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
Partsclasses, subphyla,
Type oftaxa, taxonomic category*, taxonomic group*,
TypesAcanthocephala*, Annelida*, Arthropoda*, Aschelminthes*, Brachiopoda*, Bryozoa*, Cephalochordata*, Chaetognatha*, Chordata*, Cnidaria*, Coelenterata*, Craniata*, Cryptophyta*, Ctenophora*, Cycliophora*, divisions, Echinodermata*, Ectoprocta*, Endoprocta*, Entoprocta*, Mollusca*, Nematoda*, Nemertea*, Nemertina*, Pentastomida*, Phoronida*, Phoronidea*, phylum Acanthocephala*, phylum Annelida*, phylum Arthropoda*, phylum Aschelminthes*, phylum Brachiopoda*, phylum Bryozoa*, phylum Chaetognatha*, phylum Chordata*, phylum Cnidaria*, phylum Coelenterata*, phylum Cryptophyta*, phylum Ctenophora*, phylum Cycliophora*, phylum Echinodermata*, phylum Ectoprocta*, phylum Entoprocta*, phylum Mollusca*, phylum Nematoda*, phylum Nemertea*, phylum Nemertina*, phylum Phoronida*, phylum Platyhelminthes*, phylum Pogonophora*, phylum Porifera*, phylum Protozoa*, phylum Pyrrophyta*, phylum Rotifera*, phylum Sipuncula*, Platyhelminthes*, Pogonophora*, polyzoas, Porifera*, Protozoa*, Pyrrophyta*, Rotifera*, Sipuncula*, subphylum Cephalochordata*, subphylum Craniata*, subphylum Pentastomida*, subphylum Tunicata*, subphylum Urochorda*, subphylum Urochordata*, subphylum Vertebrata*, Tunicata*, Urochorda*, Urochordata*, Vertebrata*,
Part ofkingdom,

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  1. has many phyla, phylum, plural, phylum- singular, phyla plural.
  2. and some, like, soft-bodied worms, until the Cambrian exploded and we started to see a lot of animal phyla
  3. There's phyla, class, species, it's incredibly complicated, but certain species only metabolize
  4. which must have given rise to all the major animal phyla.
  5. which have most of the phyla,
  6. and many other unusual phyla live in this group,
  7. Four phyla, the ones over here, which include us,
  8. Now, the four phyla are...
  9. That is, all these 25 phyla,
  10. Well, you know, these invertebrate phyla,
  11. to record what happened at the time these phyla arose.
  12. equation I think as a medium post on it so Trust is a phyla
  13. your world is one of the lower phylum or phyla of public intellectuals, but one of the things
  14. But even if you compare whole phyla, nematodes could still win out over arthropods, the phylum that contains wasps and beetles.
  15. higher-order groups are organized as well, like orders or phyla.
  16. And since theyre both phyla,
  17. Traditional orders and phyla would still exist as part of these groupings,
  18. it's not just that some phyla might be better
  19. is a kind of evolutionary effect whereby phyla
  20. it's that classes, orders, phyla, get