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  1. Following his friend's lead, Captain Hunt joined the BVC soon after. The regiment, based in Pietersburg, 180 mi north of Pretoria,
  2. at Pietersburg of poor discipline, unconfirmed murders, drunkenness, and general lawlessness in the Spelonken.
  3. and given command of the Bushveldt Carbineers B Squadron. Before departing Pietersburg on the night of 11 July 1901, Captain Hunt successfully
  4. resulting in their arrest for insubordination and for threatening to shoot Picton. They escaped to Pietersburg, but Captain Hunt sent a report
  5. to Colonel Lenehan, who had them detained. When the matter was brought before Colonel Hall, the commandant of Pietersburg, he ordered the offenders
  6. and his men arrived back at Fort Edward, they learned that a convoy under Lieutenant Neel had arrived from Pietersburg the previous day,
  7. Neel and Picton then returned to Pietersburg. Other killings followed. On 23 August, Morant led a small patrol
  8. to the shooting. About a week later, reports began to circulate that Reverend Heese had been found shot along the Pietersburg road about 15 mi
  9. from the fort on his way to Pietersburg to report the activities of Morant and his group to the British authorities. Shortly afterwards,
  10. at the door of his tent. A week later, they returned to Fort Edward with the Kelly party and then escorted them safely to Pietersburg.