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  1. Meanwhile, Kaneda has begun reviewing the video logs of Captain Pinbacker, who led Icarus
  2. Pinbacker informs Moon Base that the ship has encountered a minor asteroid storm that
  3. Pinbacker notes that the damage to their ship was nothing serious, and they were able to
  4. Kaneda is puzzled when he hears Pinbacker describe it as a beautiful event.
  5. As Mace examines the equipment at the bridge, a video log of Pinbacker suddenly appears
  6. With burn marks all over his face, Pinbacker discloses that the crew has abandoned the
  7. Pinbacker rambles that it's not their place to challenge God if he decides that humanity
  8. Capa recalls the last video log he saw from Icarus 1 and realizes that he's Pinbacker.
  9. As Capa stares at him in horror, Pinbacker slashes him on the chest with a knife.
  10. Pinbacker runs after Capa, so he locks himself into the inner airlock.
  11. Pinbacker pulls a lever on the door to keep Capa locked inside.
  12. Pinbacker then goes to the mainframe room to remove the computer panels from the coolant.
  13. However, Pinbacker quietly approaches her and stabs her in the back.
  14. When she sees Pinbacker at the other end of the hall, she runs to the front of the ship
  15. Capa tells him that Pinbacker is on board to sabotage their mission.
  16. While looking for Cassie, Pinbacker is agitated by the light and punches his hand through
  17. Cassie runs away as Pinbacker screams in pain.
  18. Cassie ends up in the payload room while running from Pinbacker.
  19. When he sees Cassie, he asks her if Pinbacker is with them.
  20. Pinbacker suddenly grabs Capa by the neck, telling him that God asked him to take all