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  1. probably illegal relationship with Planetina.
  2. Planetina's devotion to Mother Earth
  3. But does Planetina kind of have a point?
  4. Planetina really is.
  5. - Planetina's early environmental efforts
  6. And personal responsibility is Planetina's whole vibe
  7. That's when Planetina goes rogue
  8. Malm would not have endorsed Planetina's actions.
  9. much like Planetina really are.
  10. We see Planetina experiencing Lanchester's Paradox
  11. Planetina gets violent, destroying the mind
  12. between Summer and Planetina?
  13. made by al gore which is meant to play into the whole captain planet planetina character storyline
  14. planetina was played by allison brie most of you probably picked up on her voice because
  15. in-universe captain planet episode with diesel weasel the villain vs planetina complete with
  16. episode too when Planetina gives him that giant bouquet of flowers the giant arrangement that's
  17. designed to look like a giant morty head then they transitioned to the planetina commercial
  18. how they selected their children from each major ethnicity and they called their group Planetina
  19. into the whole planetina themes of the episode the only weird thing about this morty storyline really
  20. then when morty finds out they're about to sell planetina to some wealthy arab person they're