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  1. there was already a pmcf but uh what under mdd when one was speaking under pmcf it was always
  2. study but before we can decide to have or not have a pmcf now we have to have a pmcf anyway
  3. yes so with a metaph22l one could assess whether one needed a pmcf study if you didn't have a pmcf
  4. if you didn't need a pmcf study then you were practically done with your pmcf activities
  5. on a pmcf for pmcf plan yes so the the minimum that is going to be probably accepted is uh
  6. pmcf plan and if there is no study needed seems to develop with pmcf kms plan so yes i think this is
  7. a pmcf also under ivdr i i think so yes but so is it called pmcf because it's not clinical or yeah
  8. knowledge to provide here so what we will do is that we try to focus on pmcf but uh what um we
  9. see where pmcf is on this cloud so we prepared just a slide that you send me a slide to show
  10. where i can say pmcf for all the other activities are so can you help us to
  11. it's something new but also the pmcf plan is slowly uh uh raising gaining importance uh
  12. something that's going to be audited uh well like a crcp now so maybe maybe a question so um pmcf
  13. that go beyond the study okay so this is the main difference yeah so um regarding the pmcf so mainly
  14. solomon so is the pmcf plan needed for a class one product yes so is this all dependent on class
  15. okay another question from salma is pmcf applicable to all medical devices or only medical
  16. devices that come into contact with the patient uh pmcf yeah plan and report you're gonna have it for
  17. marketing clinical app you need for every device okay um another one from anurag for how is pmcf
  18. study you would it's only part of the post-market clinical follow-up and not over of the pmcf uh so
  19. how is a pmcf study plan different from a pms plan than if it doesn't have to have a study and report
  20. how do you include surgical instruments class 1 air so orthopedic or spinal procedure in your pmcf