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  1. Now, recently companies have come out, most notably PocketWizard, that allow you to replace
  2. single light meter has that, but we're going to use a PocketWizard that's built into this,
  3. use a Sekonic with a built-in PocketWizard. That way you don't have to have that nasty
  4. what I'm doing is I'm hooking up a PocketWizard PLUS II Transceiver, and I'm just going to
  5. And so then what I can do is turn on a second PocketWizard, and then zip over here, and
  6. PocketWizard here. But the nice thing about this, and using auto-focus this way, is let's
  7. Well, doing this, having a PocketWizard with a pre-release cable, with your camera on continuous
  8. module 32, and what it does is it allows you to trigger PocketWizard radios from right
  9. when you push your metering button, it triggers your PocketWizard radios and fires your strobes.
  10. and I'm triggering that flash using the PocketWizard+3,
  11. So the PocketWizard is actually only rated
  12. on that PocketWizard and that is fast mode
  13. Just reach in and get that... So on top of the camera we've got the Pocketwizard which
  14. If you have a little bit more in your budget you can upgrade to a PocketWizard system.
  15. PocketWizard is the system that I use and the system will cost you about 450