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  1. To discuss this, we turn to Marc Polymeropoulos, former clandestine CIA officer who was in
  2. Marc Polymeropoulos, welcome to the NewsHour.
  3. MARC POLYMEROPOULOS, Retired CIA Operative: It was a night in a hotel room in Moscow I
  4. MARC POLYMEROPOULOS: That was December 2017. By July 2019, I had to retire, and certainly
  5. MARC POLYMEROPOULOS: There certainly is historical precedent for the Russians kind of doing nasty
  7. MARC POLYMEROPOULOS: So, let me just start with the recent cohort. It's myself and others.
  8. MARC POLYMEROPOULOS: I would say, within the CIA's operations directorate, up until -- up
  9. MARC POLYMEROPOULOS: So, the answer to your first question, no, they did not.
  10. MARC POLYMEROPOULOS: Oh, boy. I don't think so. I don't think this should stop anyone
  11. NICK SCHIFRIN: Marc Polymeropoulos, thank you very much.
  12. MARC POLYMEROPOULOS: Thank you, Nick.