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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of pork roast

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of pork roast:
/pɔɹk ɹowst/

Derived Form of pork

plural: porks
meat from a domestic hog or pig
Hyponymscochon de lait, pigs' feet, salt pork,
Meronymscut of pork, pork loin,
Partscut of pork, pork loin,
Type ofmeat,
Typescochon de lait, pigs' feet, pigs' knuckles, salt pork, suckling pig,
Part ofgrunter, hog, pig, squealer, Sus scrofa,
a legislative appropriation designed to ingratiate legislators with their constituents
Synonymspork barrel,
Type ofappropriation,

Derived Form of roast

plural: roasts
third person: roasts
past: roasted
past participle: roasted
present participle: roasting
comparitive: more roast
superlative: most roast
a piece of meat roasted or for roasting and of a size for slicing into more than one portion
Hyponymsbeef roast, blade roast, lamb roast, pork roast, pot roast, rib roast, rump roast, top round, veal roast,
Type ofcut, cut of meat,
Typesbeef roast, blade roast, lamb roast, pork roast, pot roast, rib roast, roast beef, roast lamb, roast pork, roast veal, rump roast, standing rib roast, top round, topside, veal roast,
negative criticism
Type ofcriticism, critique,
cook with dry heat, usually in an oven
  1. roast the turkey
Hyponymspan roast,
Type ofcook,
Typespan roast,
See alsoroaster, roasting,
subject to laughter or ridicule
  1. The satirists ridiculed the plans for a new opera house
  2. The students poked fun at the inexperienced teacher
  3. His former students roasted the professor at his 60th birthday
Synonymsridicule, guy, blackguard, laugh at, jest at, rib, make fun, poke fun,
Hyponymsdebunk, satirize, stultify, tease,
Type ofbemock, mock,
Typesdebunk, expose, lampoon, satirise, satirize, stultify, tease,
Adjective satellite
(meat) cooked by dry heat in an oven
(of meat) cooked by dry heat in an oven

pork roast on Youtube

  1. pork roast. This time with meat that is a little jucier
  2. Haxe (knuckle of pork), roast pork and co. are classics.
  3. to go it's time to bust out our waiting pork roast which we are going to lightly
  4. Speaking of which what about our Tuscan style pork roast? How's that doin'? Well it
  5. to ever try this dish. - Oh, I gotchu pork roast.
  6. pork roast and caned tuna.
  7. pork loin that I acquired from Sam's Club. We want to look for a roast that
  8. Charsiu bun, roast pork bun...okay all this looking at know you know it's making me really hungry, so I'm gonna
  9. below called roast to go where they serve roasted meat baguettes I'am going for a pork
  10. Shao Rou (roast pork) burger?
  11. That Char Siu roast pork,
  12. Wow, so this is the charsui, roast barbecue pork,
  13. The world famous Cantonese chashao BBQ pork and roast goose
  14. The classic teochew ball - roast pork bun.
  15. cut it into quarters. This is gonna roast as a trivet under the pork and the skin
  16. I think this is the char siu, the roast pork,
  17. Lay's Roast Pork BBQ is an odd variety because it has both regular and rippled chips in the
  18. the BBQ pork, the datouhua, the roast goose, and datouhua,
  19. I know we had coffee bak kwa (dried roast pork).
  20. leftover roast pork and stir fry it together with pickled Kiutau.