How do you pronounce prendersela in English (1 out of 13).

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  1. prendersela conqualcuno and prendersela per qualcosa.
  2. The first pronominal verb I would like to explain is: prendersela.
  3. Prendersela essentitally means getting offended, getting angry,
  4. I can say that, and use the verb prendersela
  5. Depending on the situation, the verb prendersela
  6. Moreover, in some cases prendersela can also have
  7. But let's go back to the verb prendersela!
  8. In this case, the verb prendersela refers
  9. of the verb prendersela.
  10. and remember that with the verb prendersela
  11. whereas the verb prendersela takes the auxiliary essere.
  12. of the verb prendersela create much trouble.
  13. of the verb prendersela are problematic.