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  1. Anton Gerashenko has called Grachov to surrender. Maybe some Grachovs have decided to surrender, because they prefer the life imprisonment, instead of death. Pugachov hasnt heeded the advice, because he is Pugachov, not Grachov.
  2. One of them is Pugachov A. Alexandr, born in 1983 in Torez. He has been wanted by the police.
  3. Pugachov A. Alexandr was born in 1983 in Torez. The most interesting thing is that everybody has started to claim that he is Russian from Donetsk oblast.
  4. But, despite this, some Ukrainian media has continued to call him Grachov, instead of Pugachov, because Anton Gerashenko said it.
  5. But then Gerashenko has corrected his publication, because some people, including Anatoly Shary, have said to him that the suspect is Pugachov, not Grachov.
  6. Moreover, these people have mentioned another new fact, which the Ukrainian media forgot, because of shyness. Pugachov A. Alexandr served in the interior ministry and was the soldier of Tornado squad.
  7. When everybody made sure that his name is Pugachov A. Alexandr and he was born in 1983, some Ukrainian media have written other things.
  8. The National Police has clarified the information about the suspect Pugachov A. Alexandr was born in 1973.
  9. Let`s talk about Pugachov. He has earned fame
  10. A few hours later after it has become clear that Pugachov was born in 1983, this expert claims that the suspect is 50 years old. 80! I am sure. 80!