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  1. the latest Qbundle. 2. Set up or create your wallet
  2. Windows by far the easiest option is to download Qbundle which
  3. Qbundle will automatically check if all the necessary files of present.
  4. components button. Click it and Qbundle will handle the rest. Once done you will see
  5. green blocks to indicate Qbundle is ready. Hit continue. Most of the time windows
  6. will ask you if you allow Qbundle to access the Internet. This is required. You
  7. already have a wallet or create a new one by clicking create account. Qbundle
  8. your passphrase in Qbundle making it easily accessible for various
  9. this is the default in Qbundle. However, pool mining is more interesting for most of
  10. first time you are plotting, Qbundle will ask you whether you want to download the
  11. Qbundle will prompt you to download the necessary files. These are required
  12. so go ahead and let Qbundle set it up for you. Once done you can finally begin
  13. one-click proces in Qbundle and running the latest version is important