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How do you pronounce queens in English (1 out of 491).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of queens

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of queens:

Derived Form of queens

root word: queen
plural: queens
root word: queen
third person: queens
past: queened
past participle: queened
present participle: queening
Noun: queen
a borough of New York City
HolonymsNew York,
Type ofborough,
Part ofGreater New York, New York, New York City,
the only fertile female in a colony of social insects such as bees and ants and termites; its function is to lay eggs
Hyponymsqueen bee,
Type ofinsects,
Typesqueen bee*,
a female sovereign ruler
Synonymsqueen, queen regnant, female monarch,
Antonymsking, male_monarch,
HyponymsQueen of England,
Hypernymsfemale aristocrat,
Type offemale aristocrat*,
TypesCleopatra*, Isabella I*, Isabella the Catholic*, Liliuokalani*, Lydia Kamekeha Paki Liliuokalani*, Mary Queen of Scots*, Mary Stuart*, Queen of England*,
Part ofroyal family, royal house, royal line, royalty,
the wife or widow of a king
Hyponymsqueen consort, queen dowager, queen regent,
Hypernymsfemale aristocrat,
Type offemale aristocrat*,
TypesAnne Boleyn*, Boleyn*, Catherine de Medicis*, Catherine Howard*, Catherine Parr*, Eleanor of Aquitaine*, Esther*, Howard*, Jane Seymour*, Jezebel*, Marie Antoinette*, Nefertiti*, Parr*, queen consort*, queen dowager*, queen regent*, Seymour*,
Part ofroyal family, royal house, royal line, royalty,
something personified as a woman who is considered the best or most important of her kind
  1. Paris is the queen of cities
  2. the queen of ocean liners
Type ofpersonifications,
a competitor who holds a preeminent position
Synonymsking, queen, world-beater,
Type ofchallengers, competitions, competitors, contenders, rivals,
offensive term for an openly homosexual man
Synonymsfagot, faggot, fag, fairy, nance, pansy, queen, queer, poof, poove, pouf,
Hypernymsgay man,
Type ofgay man*, shirtlifters,
one of four face cards in a deck bearing a picture of a queen
Hypernymsface card,
Type ofcourt card*, face card*, picture card*,
Part ofdeck, deck of cards, pack of cards,
(chess) the most powerful piece
Type ofchess piece*, chessmen,
an especially large mole rat and the only member of a colony of naked mole rats to bear offspring which are sired by only a few males
Synonymsqueen, queen mole rat,
Hypernymsnaked mole rat,
female cat
Synonymstabby, queen,
Hypernymsdomestic cat,
Type ofdomestic cat*, Felis catus*, Felis domesticus*, house cat*,
especially large and only member of a colony of naked mole rats to bear offspring sired by only a few males
Type ofnaked mole rat*,
Verb: queen
promote to a queen, as of a pawn in chess
Type ofpromotes,
become a queen
  1. her pawn queened
Type ofpromotes,

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