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  1. two different models in the RadioMaster TX12 - one using the RadioMaster R161 D16 protocol telemetry
  2. There we have a successful bind of our RadioMaster R161 telemetry receiver with our RadioMaster TX12
  3. This is the 75mm GepRC Thinking P16. Flown with Radiomaster TX16S and DJI goggles. As
  4. Good day! Today I've got a little surprise for you. It's the new RadioMaster TX12 multi-protocol
  5. transmitter. It's the little brother to the widely popular RadioMaster TX16S transmitter
  6. receiver (which will go through the binding process to our new RadioMaster TX12 transmitter),
  7. formatting our SD card we want to go over here to This is the main RadioMaster
  8. a folder that I've previously created on my hard drive for my RadioMaster TX12. We'll close out of
  9. the RadioMaster TX12 did not come with an SD card, we need to load this factory SD card contents onto
  10. paste that to our factory SD card contents subfolder within our RadioMaster TX12 folder
  11. we use to update our transmitter. There is no need to update our RadioMaster TX12 transmitter
  12. multi-module firmware. You can see it already automatically pulls up the RadioMaster TX12
  13. internal module CC2500 from this drop down menu. This is also where you would upload RadioMaster
  14. RadioMaster TX12. Before we do so, let's take a look at our sound files. We'll go to English,
  15. Then we replace the battery tray in the RadioMaster TX12. Slide it in that little
  16. eight different switches that you can use on the RadioMaster TX12. That's good stuff.
  17. Keep in mind that this RadioMaster TX12 has the internal charging capabilities so you
  18. If you didn't know this, RadioMaster has repair agents worldwide which support warranty repairs.
  19. that you can go to submit a support ticket. I've found RadioMaster's customer service and support
  20. need to check out what the actual voltages of our battery pack in the RadioMaster TX12.