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  1. Rakera, assuming command of our forces, i see.
  2. warguard Rakera was my commander.
  3. I will not stand by and let Rakera be swallowed by the sand!
  4. Fly low, and keep an eye out for any sign of Rakera.
  5. we might find Rakera.
  6. Jorak is was part of the group of exiles that Rakera was forced to travel with, the group
  7. If Rakera is within this temple, we will find her.
  8. Were looking for an exile named Rakera.
  9. Jorak is kind enough to hand over his offerings to save Rakera, but just a solid offering
  10. Rakera!
  11. Rakera?
  12. Please rakera.
  13. Were no longer all Akunda now and Rakera finally recognises Kaja.
  14. We wouldnt have found Rakera without you, little one.
  15. Assasins send by Jakrazet try to finish the job and murder Rakera, but nothing will
  16. Jakrazet and his forces were able to steal away our keys with Kaja and Rakera quickly
  17. We need to hurry and find Rakera!
  18. Save Rakera from the tendrils I told Kaja to keep moving.
  19. Rakera will let princes Talanji know while we talk with Baine who lets the banshee know