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  1. MBK: 2.8: The Raksasas Show Their Power
  2. Chapter 8 The Raksasas Show Their Power
  3. Seeing Alambusha racing toward him, Iravan rallied his horsemen. Then the Nagas and Raksasas
  4. by hordes of Raksasas who had all assumed fearful forms. As they rushed into battle,
  5. Duryodhana saw his forces fleeing in fear at the sight of the Raksasas. Shouting out
  6. at the Raksasas, yelling out their war cries again and again.
  7. Appearing as fiends, goblins and hideous demons, the mighty Raksasas attacked the elephants.
  8. the entire division, the Raksasas roared in triumph.
  9. about the field. His shafts flew like lightning and severely afflicted the Raksasas.
  10. forest fire. The Kurus hurled their lances at the Raksasas and they soared through the