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  1. Today I am here with an easy and tasty Onam recipe, Rasakalan.
  2. Trissur folks wont find rasakalan very familiar. Its special at Palakkad and Tamilnadu side.
  3. Without any delay lets see how to make our easy and tasty rasakalan.
  4. Lets make rasakalan now. I have taken a small piece of ash gourd and pumpkin
  5. I am using these two today - ash gourd and pumpkin for todays rasakalan.
  6. I am making rasakalan in this pot today. It gives a special taste when made in this.
  7. The main difference in rasakalan, moru curry n puliserry is that we add curd and tamarind
  8. When I asked my friends, they didnt mention cumin seeds for rasakalan.
  9. Our tasty rasakalan is ready now. Taste and see. Add if you feel anything is less.