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  1. Once your Pi is up and running you'll see that raspi-config screen. It's the blue one.
  2. Pi so I want to run sudo raspi-config ok so I want to change the
  3. It's compatible with every Raspi,
  4. a Raspi, SD card and lens,
  5. which in many cases would also be a Raspi or similar.
  6. I took the Raspi camera out into the world
  7. of the Raspi camera on the pixel 4,
  8. Our Raspi camera setup was a very rough experience to use,
  9. Well, that is where things get worse for the Raspi camera.
  10. the Raspi camera does an above average job,
  11. the Raspi has some rough processing issues.
  12. so to do this let's start raspi-config
  13. Next step: at the prompt put in sudo-raspi-config and hit enter
  14. a raspberry pi key now obviously RasPi have made keyboards before but they would be usb and you
  15. let's get started first you're gonna have to type in sudo raspi and then config so put his
  16. The case comes in three parts. We will fit the Raspi board in the bottom part of the case first.
  17. The case is exclusively designed for Raspi 4. The grooves & cuts for SD card, USB ports, power supply and hdmi ports etc are perfectly cut.