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  1. called alioth a living tempest comic book tempus also because ravona renslayer big part of the
  2. episode there was a comic book version of ravona that accidentally let elias free you notice that
  3. and then obviously they go back and forth quite a bit with ravona trying to stall her long enough
  4. the way they explain later in the episode ravona was not lying when she said she also wanted to
  5. even though the way ravona explains it they don't completely understand what's going on with alioth
  6. those sailors they get eaten in like two seconds when elias shows up so just to be clear ravona
  7. ravona also explains that the official dogma that was passed down which they now know as a lie was
  8. out the window but like i said even though ravona knows about the lie now she doesn't want to burn
  9. but she wouldn't give him any of that later in the episode ravona does get miss minutes to start
  10. looking up those files so they actually do have them ravona also makes a wizard of oz reference
  11. the bits of the framework back in the tva ravona rensslayer sort of sets up more of her villain arc
  12. like he's also a creation or also serving whoever is at the end of time here ravona renslayer also