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  1. RBAC access and required
  2. with role-based access controls or RBAC.
  3. assign a role based access control or RBAC role. These
  4. are applied to resource entity scopes or RBAC scopes, which
  5. selector. RBAC permissions apply for the node for which they were
  6. In the resource entity hierarchy. So to assign RBAC
  7. perform the appropriate tasks. In this way RBAC is then used
  8. Management adds 2 new Cost Management specific RBAC roles.
  9. example of how RBAC can be used. Carol, in this case, is an
  10. additional billing scopes. You should use RBAC Scopes and
  11. organization that's using the cloud. RBAC combined with
  12. For example if Cost Centers are a useful demarcation for assigning RBAC
  13. they would each require different policies and RBAC
  14. The Unified RBAC APIs.
  15. Unified RBAC APIs through the link displayed on the screen.
  16. And then also the RBAC that you guys were talking about--
  17. we can enable RBAC, role-based authentication.
  18. what the RBAC North Star is,
  19. where RBAC is even more relevant.
  20. Part of the RBAC North Star is the understanding that