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  1. t nuclear power plants with RBMK, it is not necessary to shut down the reactor to replace the burnt out fuel with fresh one.
  2. So the genius-ish thing about the RBMK reactor design, the thing that people liked about it,
  3. Now the RBMK reactors used regular water as a coolant because that's cheaper
  4. So instead of heavy water, RBMK reactors use big, heavy blocks of graphite to slow down the neutrons.
  5. Now the normal thing to do with an RBMK reactor, because of all these positive feedback loops,
  6. So in RBMK reactors, they have control rods that control in both directions.
  7. RBMK reactor, and if you were to look inside of it,
  8. The design of RBMK reactors in particular
  9. Adding to the danger, RBMK reactors in Russia at the time
  10. The Chernobyl RBMK-1000 reactor is a model specific to the former Soviet Union--it has
  11. The RBMK-1000 reactor used large graphite blocks to moderate the speed of the neutrons,
  12. The RBMK-1000 reactor had over 200 of them, and they were moved in and out to decrease
  13. To cut costs, the RBMK reactors were the only commercial reactors in the world designed
  14. at Chernobyl the reactors were the RBMK design
  15. while many water-cooled reactors use water as a moderator in the RBMK reactors
  16. And of course they did this by pulling control rods further and further out of the core the control rods in the RBMK reactors
  17. result in a self stabilizing reaction and then the RBMK reactors
  18. Reactors are designed to prevent these circumstances and even the shortcomings of the RBMK reactor
  19. There are still a number of RBMK reactors operating around the world
  20. RBMK type of reactor, is not safe.