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  1. Bayesian influence by message passing which is written purely in Julia and named ReactiveMP.
  2. And there is like a brief introduction to the ideas behind ForneyLab and ReactiveMP as well
  3. GraphPPL.jl package for it has been designed specifically for ReactiveMP
  4. and it builds foreign style factor graph under the hood which is compatible with ReactiveMP.
  5. We may use ReactiveMP.jl to run a real-time Bayesian inference on top of that and to
  6. real ReactiveMP is able to run real-time Bayesian inference for this kind of a model
  7. It is also possible to use ReactiveMP.jl with static data set. In this example,
  8. But ReactiveMP.jl scales nicely. We can use, for example ten thousands of observations and it takes
  9. in our example and they see that ReactiveMP just outperforms both ForneyLab and Turing.
  10. And our future plan is to combine ReactiveMP with GraphPPL model specification library as a
  11. It is worth to know that neither ForneyLab nor ReactiveMP are general purpose PPLs
  12. You can find some demos in ReactiveMP.jl repository under demo folder, for example we
  13. a small overview of the new library. So we presented ReactiveMP as an inference engine.