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  1. The Awoken actually have quite a division between Reefborn Awoken and Earthborn Awoken.
  2. Reefborn Awoken are those original awoken born during the collapse in space and subsequent
  3. Reefborn Awoken do not like Earthborn Awoken, however we do not really know why, however
  4. there is a sense of pride, secrecy and superiority involved with Reefborn awoken.
  5. would lose his birthright and be rejected from the Reefborn Awoken.
  6. The other interesting thing between reefborn and earthborn awoken are their abilities.
  7. Reefborn are not guardians, yet they have this tremendous power, well the Queen does
  8. advice Cayde gave his child, never stare a reefborn awoken in the eyes.
  9. the channel leave the word Reefborn to recognise Caydes cautionary words to