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  1. Flora Reichanadter is the superintendent of schools at the Metropolitan School District
  2. Superintendent Reichanadter, welcome to the NewsHour, and thank you for making the time.
  3. FLORA REICHANADTER, Superintendent, Metropolitan School District of Pike Township, Indiana:
  4. FLORA REICHANADTER: We were hearing a variety of different things.
  5. FLORA REICHANADTER: No, not really.
  6. FLORA REICHANADTER: Well, this year, we agree that it was very difficult, because not only
  7. FLORA REICHANADTER: You know, that is something that we always worry about.
  8. FLORA REICHANADTER: Absolutely.
  9. FLORA REICHANADTER: You know what?
  10. AMNA NAWAZ: Superintendent Flora Reichanadter of the Metropolitan School District of Pike
  11. FLORA REICHANADTER: You're quite welcome.