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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of research laboratory

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of research laboratory:
/ɹisɹ̩t͡ʃ læbɹətɔɹi/

Derived Form of research

plural: researches
third person: researches
past: researched
past participle: researched
present participle: researching
systematic investigation to establish facts
Hyponymsfield work, marketing research, microscopy, operations research, probe, scientific research,
Type ofinvestigating, investigation,
Typesfield work, market research, marketing research, microscopy, operations research, probe, research project, scientific research,
a search for knowledge
  1. their pottery deserves more research than it has received
Synonymsinquiry, enquiry,
Hyponymsempirical research, experiment, heraldry, nature study, poll, probe,
Hypernymsproblem solving,
Type ofproblem solving,
Typescanvass, empirical research, experiment, experimentation, heraldry, investigation, nature study, opinion poll, poll, probe, public opinion poll,
attempt to find out in a systematically and scientific manner
  1. The student researched the history of that word
Type ofinvestigate, look into,
Typesconsult, look up, refer,
See alsoresearcher,
inquire into
  1. the students had to research the history of the Second World War for their history project
  2. He searched for information on his relatives on the web
  3. Scientists are exploring the nature of consciousness
Synonymssearch, explore,
Hyponymscast about, google, mapquest, prospect, re-explore,
Type ofinvestigate, look into,
Typesbeat about, cast about, cast around, prospect, re-explore,
See alsoresearcher,

Derived Form of laboratory

plural: laboratories
a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
Synonymslab, research lab, research laboratory, science lab, science laboratory,
Hyponymsbiology lab, chemistry lab, defense laboratory, physics lab,
Meronymslab bench,
Partslab bench, laboratory bench,
Type ofwork, workplace,
Typesbio lab, biology lab, biology laboratory, chem lab, chemistry lab, chemistry laboratory, defense laboratory, physics lab, physics laboratory,
a region resembling a laboratory inasmuch as it offers opportunities for observation and practice and experimentation
  1. the new nation is a testing ground for socioeconomic theories
  2. Pakistan is a laboratory for studying the use of American troops to combat terrorism
Synonymstesting ground,
Type ofregion,

research laboratory on Youtube

  1. It is linked precisely to that laboratory which is a level 4 (the highest biosafety level) research laboratory.
  2. My name is Dr. Amy Neuenschwander and I'm a research scientist at the Applied Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin. the structure of forest.
  3. I'm director of research for Barocal, a startup company that has recently spun out from a research laboratory at
  4. I'm Dr Kate Vandyke, I'm a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Myeloma Research Laboratory
  5. It was initially researched by the US Naval Research Laboratory,
  6. The Cold War was at full swing, and Naval Research Laboratory scientist Roger Easton
  7. sundered and destroyed. It was the research laboratory for the creation of the seed that
  8. working for a branch of the US Navy known as the Naval Research Laboratory, abbreviated as NRL,
  9. Take it seriously and whether I'd be you know in some small research laboratory near swindon
  10. at Stanford as faculty. And he sets up the Electronic Research Laboratory, ERL, as part
  11. in, joins the Black World. Terman decides to take the Electronic Research Laboratory
  12. It served as an experiment station, research laboratory, and home of the Southwest Herbarium of more than 200 thousand plant species.
  13. of Standards and Technology, which is better known as NIST, is a research laboratory which
  14. Thats why he establishes a research laboratory in Shibaura, Tokyo in May 1936.
  15. Mishima Research Laboratory.
  16. Disease Research Laboratory test or VDRL as well as tests that detect anti-cardiolipin
  17. According to Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the name satellite Navigation Technology
  18. That is why since the 50s the only U.S. research laboratory where the live FMD virus
  19. It was designed by Albert L Weimorts Jr, in the Air Force Research Laboratory in 2003.
  20. My name is Guot. I've been working on oceanography and genetic engineering. Today I want to invite Mr Yian to my research laboratory.