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  1. Leng. He is the creator and director of RETSCreen International. So, Gregory, welcome, and can
  2. you talk a little about what RETscreen is. OK, well great, and thanks for inviting me
  3. to NREL today. RETScreen is a clean energy decision making software. Basically, it helps
  4. of this project. So, RETScreen helps you make a decision - should you implement this project
  5. Great, who is the audience then of RETScreen; who should download and use it?
  6. RETScreen is developed by Natural Resources Canada; we are part of the Canada Energy Labs
  7. RETScreen.
  8. Well, that's a good quetsion. Some of the users... what RETScreen does is actually bring
  9. So, RETScreen is a bridging technology that brings these people together into one platform.
  10. Excellent. So what do you see as the future of RETScreen?
  11. RETScreen - we've got a great future. Currently, we have about 350 thousand users in every
  12. country in the world. And, RETScreen is available in 36 languages that cover 2/3rds of the world's
  13. over the next decade. We are going to do that by building in intelligence into RETScreen.
  14. need data - you need live data streams. So, the next future version of RETScreen will
  15. Excellent. OK, well thank you so much for your time. This RETScreen app is available
  16. at Just type in RETScreen in the search box there, and you will be able
  17. to find it and go directly to RETScreen.