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  1. instead, you are required to find paths for the transfer; this is why RippleRipple is
  2. similarly how Internet moves information around the world, RippleRipple moves money value
  3. RippleRipple has two currencies, IOUs and XRP; IOUs can be stored in a wallet, representing
  4. banking system. Here are few reasons why banks love RippleRipple
  5. from the public; interestingly, what makes RippleRipple this famous is because it is
  6. there have been no significant problems with RippleRipple after its inception in 2012.
  7. all these ambitious plans of RippleRipple, it gets accepted then XRP investors will be
  8. otherwise called SEC, since December 2020; where SEC has alleged that RippleRipple was
  9. The central feature that makes RippleRipple distinctive from the other currencies, and
  10. and at a low cost, this is a massive reason for RippleRipple to become an efficient replacement
  11. adopt RippleRipple as an alternative banking system functions; moreover, XRP is the most