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  1. At Earthmothers bounty we meet up with Jale Rivermane, chieftain of the RIvermane
  2. The tribes of highmountain, skyhorn, rivermane, bloodtotem, highmountain and even the leader
  3. and now the Drogbar are raiding the rivermane tribe.
  4. Its no accident that the Rivermane tribe are being attacked.
  5. This is where the rivermane practice their water magic and get much of the purest healing
  6. The Rivermane tribe is back into the fold, but we also need the Skyhorn, the Bloodtotem
  7. The Rivermane, Skyhorn and Stonedark tribes aid us while we fight with Naxa, Arxas and
  8. up in comic form. We see the tribes of highmountain come together, skyhorn, rivermane, bloodtotem,