How do you pronounce robotan in English (1 out of 17).

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  1. Close the door Robotan, you're letting in cold air.
  2. Robotan, Ken-chan,
  3. I'll be right there, Robotan.
  4. Robotan, I'm coming,
  5. Robotan!
  6. I'll win, turn Robotan into my servant,
  7. Robotan, you understand what you need to do.
  8. Robotan, look at this.
  9. Robotan, save our snowman!
  10. Robotan, round and round!
  11. Keep dreaming Robotan. I'll catch our snowman before you.
  12. You have to defeat Robotan.
  13. Nice save, Robotan.
  14. What do you say! Don't lie Robotan.
  15. Robotan, I'm also coming to destroy your face!
  16. First you tell me, where you are, Robotan.
  17. -Where did this bird kid go. -I'll definitely catch you, Robotan.