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  1. The alliance will face either Eitrigg, Lady Liadrin or Rokhan while the Horde has to deal
  2. You give wise counsel, Rokhan.
  3. The shadow hunter Rokhan will take our forces and set up a base nearby, but he warns us
  4. This is the only way to save my people, ROkhan.
  5. Let us hope ROkhan and the others make it back safely to ZUljan...otherwise this
  6. Everyone else join Rokhan at the northern line.
  7. out at the trolls on the echo isles. Rexxar, together with Chen Stormstout and the troll Rokhan,
  8. There were quite a few more like Baine with Mayla, Talanji with Rokhan, Keeshan with Shandris
  9. Then ROkhan Talanji and Dreven are closely working together.
  10. but Rokhan lets her know that Sylvanas wants to give them a chance.
  11. Rokhan a darkspear shadow hunter thats been with the Horde ever since the dark spear
  12. You thalyssra and rokhan will infiltrate the stockades and extract the prisoners.
  13. Go through the tunnel into the stockades, rokhan takes care of the initial 7th legion
  14. I am thalyssra, and this is rokhan.
  15. Shadow hunters like Rokhan and Voljin have a strong connection with the loa and as displayed,
  16. We use antidotes to save the wounded and we clear the way for Princess Talanji and Rokhan
  17. With a flask of invisibilty we spy on this meeting between Rokhan, Princess Talanji and
  18. rokhan to move faster with their plans to stop the alliance.
  19. After Voljins death, the darkspear tribe was without a leader and its Rokhan, another
  20. Masters of voodoo and shadow, Rokhan now represents his tribe within the new council amongst the