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How do you pronounce rooms in English (1 out of 1210).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of rooms

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of rooms:

Derived Form of rooms

root word: room
plural: rooms
root word: room
third person: rooms
past: roomed
past participle: roomed
present participle: rooming
Noun: room
apartment consisting of a series of connected rooms used as a living unit (as in a hotel)
Type ofapartment, flat,
an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling
  1. the rooms were very small but they had a nice view
Hyponymsanechoic chamber, anteroom, back room, ballroom, barroom, bathroom, bedroom, belfry, billiard room, boardroom, cardroom, cell, chamber, checkroom, classroom, clean room, cloakroom, closet, clubroom, compartment, conference room, control room, court, cubby, cutting room, darkroom, den, dinette, dining room, door, dressing room, durbar, engineering, floor, furnace room, gallery, greenroom, guardroom, hall, hospital room, kitchen, library, living room, locker room, lounge, manor hall, poolroom, presence chamber, rathole, reading room, reception room, recreation room, rotunda, scriptorium, scullery, sewing room, shipping room, shower room, sickbay, sickroom, smoking room, squad room, steam bath, storeroom, study, sun parlor, surgery, television room, test room, toilet, torture chamber, vestry, walk-in, war room, workroom,
Meronymsceiling, floor, room light, wall,
Partsceilings, floorings, floors, room light*, walls,
Type ofareas,
Typesanechoic chamber*, antechambers, anterooms, art gallery*, back room*, ballrooms, barrooms, bars, bathrooms, baths, bedchambers, bedrooms, belfries, billiard hall*, billiard parlor*, billiard parlour*, billiard room*, billiard saloon*, boardrooms, cans, cardrooms, cells, chambers, checkrooms, classrooms, clean room*, cloakrooms, closets, clubrooms, coatrooms, compartments, conference room*, control room*, council chamber*, courtrooms, courts, cubbies, cubbyholes, cubicles, cutting room*, dance hall*, dance palace*, darkrooms, dens, dining room*, dining-rooms, doors, dressing room*, durbars, engine room*, engineerings, entrance hall*, floors, foyers, front room*, furnace room*, galleries, ginmills, greenrooms, guardrooms, halls, hospital room*, jail cell*, johns, kitchens, lavatories, lavs, lawcourts, left-luggage office*, libraries, living room*, living-rooms, lobbies, locker room*, lounges, manor hall*, parlors, parlours, picture gallery*, poolrooms, presence chamber*, prison cell*, privies, ratholes, reading room*, rec room*, reception room*, recreation room*, rotundas, sacristies, saloons, schoolrooms, sculleries, sewing room*, shipping room*, shower room*, sick berth*, sickbays, sickrooms, sitting room*, sleeping room*, smoking room*, snuggeries, snugs, solariums, squad room*, steam bath*, steam room*, storage room*, storerooms, stowages, studies, sun lounge*, sun parlor*, sun parlour*, sun porch*, sunrooms, surgeries, taprooms, television room*, test room*, testing room*, toilets, torture chamber*, trading floor*, tv room*, vapor bath*, vapour bath*, vestibules, vestries, waiting area*, waiting room*, walk-ins, war room*, white room*, workrooms,
Part ofbuilding, edifice,
space for movement
  1. room to pass
  2. make way for
  3. hardly enough elbow room to turn around
Synonymsroom, way, elbow room,
Hyponymsbreathing room, headroom, houseroom, living space, parking, sea room, seating, standing room,
Type ofpositions, spatial relation*,
Typesbreathing room*, breathing space*, clearances, headrooms, headways, houserooms, lebensraums, living space*, parkings, sea room*, seating area*, seating room*, seatings, seatses, standing room*,
opportunity for
  1. room for improvement
Type ofchances, opportunities,
the people who are present in a room
  1. the whole room was cheering
Type ofassemblages, gatherings,
Verb: room
live and take one's meals at or in
  1. she rooms in an old boarding house
Synonymsboard, room,
Type ofdomiciles, domiciliates, dwells, inhabits, lives, peoples, populates, resides, shacks,
See alsoroomer,

rooms on Youtube

  1. When we left we couldn't find our suitcases, so we guess they were but to our rooms, but when we got to our rooms
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  7. Usually the most humid rooms are delegated for eggs and larvae, while the warmest rooms
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  10. Inside was a maze of rooms like parlors, drawing rooms, libraries, and observatories,
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  13. trilateral, of single room, two rooms and three rooms.
  14. be able to see chem free rooms if they exist in Oneida and all the rooms will match our group gender. The very first thing I
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  16. the rooms labeled four of the rooms in the casemate
  17. rooms, those hemicycle-shaped rooms,
  18. It's rooms and rooms full of cash, chacho.
  19. not VRI which is used in emergency rooms, hospital rooms,
  20. - There are 5 therapy rooms. - 5 spacious rooms in Ebisu. That's impressive