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  1. so basically this approach is first proposed by Rothweiler and in Rothweilers approach
  2. Attorney Kenneth Rothweiler represents about 16,000 claimants and negotiated the settlement.
  3. Mr. Rothweiler, thank you so much for joining us.
  4. KENNETH ROTHWEILER, Attorney Representing Sexual Abuse Survivors: Thanks for having
  5. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: Yes, I talk to survivors every day. And I always get their opinion
  6. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: It is hard to estimate it at this time, John, because we're not finished
  7. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: Different amounts to different claimants, depending upon what state they're
  8. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: Well, it's a total of $850 million; $250 million is from the national
  9. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: Yes, they will be getting what's called a channeling injunction, which
  10. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: Well, on behalf of the survivors, I can tell you that it's never
  11. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: Well, my response to that is, those lawyers don't know what the plan
  12. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: They will. I mean, they will ultimately vote on the plan. So they
  13. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: It depends how much the insurers fight us, John, quite frankly.
  14. JOHN YANG: Kenneth Rothweiler, who's representing claims of sexual abuse against the Boy Scouts
  15. KENNETH ROTHWEILER: Thanks, John. Appreciate it.